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5 Reasons Kids Love Stuffed Animals

I love “Google.”  It constantly amazes me that I can sit at my computer any time, type in any question or phrase, and get hundreds of responses in seconds. (Well – minutes.  I have an OLD computer.)  Today I was sitting in my office trying to think about what I wanted to write about.  As I looked around for inspiration my eyes fastened on all the stuffed animals I have throughout the room.  They sit on shelves, benches, chairs, and even hang from an old coat rack (just the monkeys, of course).  So I googled “children and stuffed animals” – and got article after article after article…  You get the idea.  The one that caught my eye is now the title of this blog:  “5 Reasons Kids Love Stuffed Animals.”



If you asked a small child why he or she liked stuffed animals, I’m sure you would get a variety of answers, like, “because,” or, “I just do.”  Children don’t think out their reasons for doing things, but they do love stuffed animals.  I see it every day at work, I know from my own experiences as a child, mother, and grandmother.  According to the article named above, children love stuffed animals for the following reasons:



1.   “They encourage nurturing.”   According to the article, the first reason listed is that children like stuffed animals because it gives them something to boss around, after being “bossed around all day.”

2.  “They’re always smiling.”   I love the phrasing, and he’s right – I just never really thought about it.  Stuffed animals are always welcoming and loving!

3.  “They give the best hugs.”   I’ve gotten some really great hugs from short “non-stuffed” people, but hugging a well-loved stuffed animal is a great feeling.

4.  “They’re easy to clean up.”  Now, I haven’t found anything that is “easy” for a child to pick up.  Stuffed toys are soft and you can usually just toss them on a bed, shelf, or bucket – but it still requires that the child is willing to pick up anything at all. 

5.  “They’re dependable.”  I would put that first on the list.  No matter how tough a child’s day has been, their favorite stuffed animal is right there to make things better.  They don’t mind being stuffed in a suitcase (my granddaughter can get an incredible number of stuffed animals in her suitcase when she comes to visit.  It doesn’t matter if there’s no room for clothes).  They’re willing to travel any place, at any time.


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