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Gardening with Children

There is a magical interaction when you mix children with dirt.  The result, besides dirty children, is almost always FUN.  When you let a classroom of children loose in a big plowed pile of dirt, and tell them to dig holes, you just stand back and watch them focus on the task.  To an adult, it’s work.  To a child, it’s joy.


We are the proud new owners of a large garden space.  It replaces the very small shaded corner we’ve had to use the last few years.  The area is well fenced, in full sun, and the dirt is rich and ready to use.  We have seeds and small potted plants all ready to go into the holes the children eagerly dig.  As the garden “supervisor,” I’m going to make sure that there is some order to the way things are planted.  The children will enjoy the project even more if their efforts are successful.  In the past we harvested tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and zucchini despite the small space we used.  My hope is that this summer our garden will produce enough to be used in meal preparation for the children’s lunches – as well as veggies to share with others.


Today’s children often have no idea that the vegetables they eat come from seeds planted in someone’s dirt.  They “know” their food comes from Wegman’s!  When children plant a garden, they have the opportunity to “create” food.  They can plant, water, weed, harvest, and then eat – and they are the ones that did the work.  For a young child, that is an amazing experience.  It’s pretty amazing for a grown-up, too.

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