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After spending time working with finances, I needed a break.  There’s no better way to cheer up a morning than walking up and down the PromiseLand hallway.  That guarantees a smile.


The two year olds have divided themselves by gender, totally on their own.  The boys are happily singing while stacking blocks on the shelf.  As soon as they were all neatly stacked they knocked them down, then started again.  Apparently endless fun.  It was snack time for the dolls on the other side of the room, as several different dolls were seated at the table, and being fed an interesting variety of play foods.  It was “learning by play” in action, with the classroom teacher ready to engage as the children practiced verbal skills, social skills, fine motor skills and large motor skills.


The three year olds were in a more directed activity.  They are talking and reading about mice this week and had just finished making mice using heart shapes.  Imaginations soared, so pigs and other animals were created also.  The children are learning to work together in small groups, as they practice fine motor skills, social skills, and verbal skills.


Our babies are completely engaged in exploring their environment.  Everything is new and wonderful to them – their laughs and babbling drew me into their room.  I got to play ball and stack blocks.  We did some animal sounds and names.  Mostly I just watched and enjoyed seeing them toddle from activity to activity, totally absorbed in their play.  You can almost see the brain cell activity as they focus on new tasks they have devised.


It’s a typical Monday morning.  What a wonderful way to start the week.

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