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This past Sunday my husband and I walked into church and the first thing we saw in the lobby was a chalkboard.  That is unusual in itself, but printed at the top in large letters was a question:  “Before I die _____________.  Below that were blank lines for people to fill in their response.  Well – that made me stop and think. 


I didn’t write anything on the board and didn’t see anyone else write on it either, although it was certainly making people stop and look.  Off and on during church I thought about the question and at one point my husband and I questioned each other on what our possible responses might be.  Even when our pastor talked about the board and the issue during her sermon, I still did not have an answer.  She read off wonderful things from her personal list and while I agreed they were all worth doing, none of them touched my heart as being the THING I wanted to be sure I did before I died.  We both left without putting our responses on the board.


Monday morning I walked into work.  To get to my office I walk directly through the church lobby.  The chalk board was still there and every blank space was filled with wonderful thoughts and hopes for the future.  I could squeeze on my answer, but I haven’t completely thought it out yet.  What I know is that my job gives me an incredible gift as well as an incredible responsibility.  I touch the lives of children every day and have done so in this place for almost 20 years.  What I want is the opportunity to continue to do that for as long as I can – and to do it even better.


So, I guess that would be my response if I was going to write one (but I’m not going to).  I am, however, grateful for the question and the opportunity it gave me to think about my life and my future.  Children are such an incredible gift.  Each one of God’s children deserves to be surrounded by love.  I am incredibly blessed to have been given the chance to be a part of the world of children.  And now I’m going to leave my office, find some children, and play a rousing game of “Ring around the Rosie.”  

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