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Water, Water Everywhere

This morning, when I walked out to the playground, I noticed a very large chalked message written on the parking lot:  “Rain, rain, go away!”  It was obviously teacher written, but it echoed the sentiments of every child (and adult) in the center.  Enough rain!  Water and rain is the focus of the news.  Texas has too much of it (so do we!).  California doesn’t have enough…



Tuesday morning it started pouring – torrential rain.  Within a short time it was running into one of our lower level classrooms, both through the window sill and at the base of the outside wall.  It’s not the first time we’ve had water in there from the rain, but this was the worst I’ve seen in the shortest amount of time.  Thank goodness for volunteers and shop vacs!  Our volunteers (Paul and George – thank you!) worked for several hours sucking water out of the carpet.   It felt like a huge disaster and then we learned that the church just down the street got hit with major flooding in their whole lower level.  Today we have a soggy carpet, but the air conditioner, dehumidifiers, and fans will dry it out.  They have a dumpster and two vans from a professional cleaning service as they tackle their mess.



And so I am again reminded that no matter what happens, life goes on.  It will probably rain again tomorrow, and life will go on.  We will clean the carpet, repaint the walls, toss out some stuff that probably needed tossing anyways, and life will go on.  Thank you, God, for this wonderful world of sun and rain, clouds and blue sky.  Our currently damp classroom will soon look and smell new, fresh, and wonderful. 



Meanwhile, we have a killdeer nest with baby birds in the middle of our back parking lot.  A volunteer (another one – we LOVE volunteers) put up a protective open tripod over the nest and marked it with a pylon, so no one would drive over it.  With so much rain, it was probably the driest spot the mother could find.  I can see it from my office window and watch the bird parents keep watch over their home.  Life indeed goes on, and it is good.

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